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Whatbook helps you explore, discover, and discuss your next favourite non-fiction book in one place.

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Discovery made easy

Don’t spend your time reading books that leave you feeling it was a waste of time. Whatbook gives you reliable and personal recommendations for what books to read so you can get on with learning that new skill you always wanted to learn.

Digitising word of mouth!

Follow people whose reading recommendations you trust.

Everything in one app

Explore, evaluate, select and review books in one single app.

Extensive book profiles

Use trailers, quotes, key takeaways and reviews to know if a book is right for you.

Relevant recommendations

Social Readia®

Tired of impersonal algorithms that suggest you read a book you’ve already read when we all have that friend or colleague whose book recommendations always turn out to be spot on?

Whatbook’s Social Readia® platform combines social interactions and personal recommendations with a splash of artificial intelligence to recommend books that are more intune with your personal tastes. From the biographies of Elon Musk to future predictions in Life 3.0 - Whatbook continuously learns your reading patterns and interests to recommend books that are meaninful, relevant and enjoyable for you to read.

However it doesn't just stop there: follow your favourite 'bookstagrammers' within Whatbook to hear and see their recommendations first; follow your family, friends or other users and Whatbook will learn about your social circle and deliver top recommendations that fit your interests.


Carefully Curated Bookshelves

Our bookshelves are many and regularly updated! We bring books together based on interests you’ve chosen, give you books to help you achieve a goal or give answers to a question, or simply show you what other Whatbook readers are enjoying.

Whatbook for Business

Become A Thought Leader

Are you a business looking to connect with readers of topics relevant to what you do? Sponsored bookshelves allow you to curate some of the most influential non-fiction reads within a given topic and we’ll put it centre stage on the Explore page. Contact us to learn more.

  • Curated Bookshelves

    With a sponsored bookshelf you define what goes in it. Add as little as 3 books and up to 12 and then share your bookshelf along with your bio, a description and cover image for all users to see.

  • Targeted Audience

    Whatbook has an ultra sharp user base all interested in non-fiction reads. Your sponsored bookshelf will be seen by only those users who have a passion for specific interests relevant to your shelf.

  • Thought Leadership

    Become known in your industry for your thought leadership and stewardship and demonstrate that you are knowledgeable within a given topic.


Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Not to worry. We've detailed below some of the top FAQs to help you learn a little more about Whatbook and how it will change the way you read non-fiction.

  • What is Whatbook?

    Whatbook is the book discovery and social recommendation app built by readers, for readers. Follow your friends and discover other users who read similar non-fiction books to you. Whatbook focuses on non-fiction books and is expanding its database to include new books every week.

  • Why is Whatbook better than the competition?

    Whatbook focuses specifically on non-fiction media and recommendations powered by social interaction. This combination gives Whatbook a unique and powerful proposition over other book reading apps that are more focused on the breadth of their database or revenue generation.

  • How many books are on Whatbook?

    Whatbook currently has over 360 non-fiction books in its database and is growing this number all the time.

  • Is it just non-fiction?

    At the moment: yes - however we understand that fiction books are also an important sector that we will slowly grow into over time. For now, we aim to get really good at producing top recommendations for non-fiction books.

  • Can I recommend new books to be added to Whatbook?

    Yes - we welcome non-fiction book recommendations from all users. For each recommendation we receive we’ll review its place within the Whatbook database and if approved you’ll hopefully see it soon.

The Whatbook App

Non-Fiction Recommendations

Whatbook is the home of non-fiction recommendations: empowering people to discover great non-fiction reads by reliable and trustworthy recommendations. From the power of Social Readia® to our intelligent AI powered algorithms - Whatbook will help you discover your next top read.

Curated Bookshelves

Curated Bookshelves

Whatbook is packed with carefully curated bookshelves: giving you plenty of choice of books to read within specific fields of interests and topics.

Social Readia

Social Readia®

Connect with your friends and follow influential profiles to discover new interesting reads that are on trend and on-point.

Book Trailers

Book Trailers

Jump into book-trailers: teaser previews of top books that allow you to jump into and taste what the book is about before committing to buy it.


Reliable Recommenations

Keep using Whatbook for it to recommend more and more relevant books based on your interests, read lists and social connections.

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We’re just getting started on our book-reading journey and we would love for you to be part of it too. Contact us today if you’d like to become a beta-tester; a book reviewer or even a business looking to sponsor a bookshelf topic.